Some Differences Between the UNIX and LINUX

Unix and Linux had some differences between them, let see what are the them...............

Some Differences Between UNIX and LINUX


1) Naturally UNIX are very popular in the Universities, big enterprises and Companies.

2) UNIX had Different Cost Structures

3) UNIX requires more Powerful Hardware Configuration

4) UNIX was Developed for large mainframe computers, it do not work in X86 based Personal computer

5) UNIX is a Collection of Operating Systems.


1) LINUX is an Open Source Software and an Free Operating System.

2) LINUX has Normally freely Distributed, and Some Priced Versions also.Actually it is More cheaper than the Windows

3) LINUX  requires Less Hardware Configuration

4) LINUX was Designed for both mainframe and X86 personal computers

5) To be Generalised, LINUX was an Single Operating System.


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