Some Differences of CV and Resume you should know


Here the Question is Regarding the Main Differences Between CV and Resume, as it is both Similar, it has Some Differences.

1) The Major Difference is the Length of the Details given, and Description in it and for what it is used for.

2) Resume is just a page or two page Summary of the Skills, Education.
     Where CV is  More than one page always and it is Long Detail Based

3) Name Droppings is More in CV than Resume

4) CV is a Document that gives more Details about you
    Where as Resume is Short info of you .

5) In addition to the Basics identical to both CV and Resume, CV would include Research, Teaching
   Experience and Other Information you are applying for the Job.

6) CV is best Suited for Less Experience, Where Resume is Not suited for Less Experience Usually.

7) CV is British and Resume is American , But these Both are Accepted Internationally


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