Cool Differences between Micro Processor and Micro Controller

The Arrival of Micro Processor and Micro Controller has eased the Operations and Calculations of the Computers and many Peripheral Devices.

Let us note some of the Differences of them...........

Some differences between microprocessors and microcontrollers

Micro Processor

1) It is just an Processor that Process the Given Instructions

2) It do not have any inbuilt RAM, ROM or Timer.

3) There is no Availability of Ports

4) The given Program and Data are saved in the Same Memory

5) We cannot Apply Boolean Operation Directly

6) It is Generally having Higher Clock frequency

7) It Handles more Instructions to Read and Write data from the External Memory

Micro Controller

1) It is an Combination of Processor and RAM, Logic Circuit.

2) It Possess the inbuilt RAM,ROM and Timer

3) There is Availability of input and Output Ports

4) There is an Separate Memory for Storing the Program And Data

5) We can Apply the Boolean Operation Directly

6) It is Generally Having Lower Clock Frequency.

7) It Handles Less Number of Instructions to read and write from the External Memory.


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