Some Differences between the Xml and Html

I am listing the top differences between XML and HTML.........

what is Xml and Html


1) XML stands for Extensible Markup Language

2) XML was designed according to the Data.It means it focus on What the Data is, and Describe the Data in
     Easy way

3) XML is user friendly.It allows you to create your Own Tags, and the Own Document structure

4) XML is Dynamic

5)XML letters are Case Sensitive

6)To display the XML we need the help of XSL

7)XML is Closed after Tags .


1) HTML Stands for Hypertext markup Language .

2) HTML was designed on Data Display, and how the Data should be Look.

3) The Tags and the Data structure are pre-defined in the HTML language.

4) HTML is Static

5) HTML letters are not case sensitive

6) We need the Help of CSS , to display the HTML

7) HTML is Closed at the One end Only.

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