Some important Differences between CDMA and GSM

Our Mobiles are Normally working on the Two Wireless mobile technologies called GSM and CDMA.

There is a lot of confusion in them, what they are and what is the Difference on Both of them, so let see some of it in detail

Notes on GSM and CDMA


1) CDMA is called as Code Division Multiple Access.

2) The Internal memory was used for the Storage

3) The share of CDMA wireless technologies in the Global market is 25%

4) It had an Good Dominant standard in the U.S

5) The Data transfer was based on the EVDO Platform, it is only applicable to CDMA only

6) For any Device it consists of an Single channel, and a Special code.The Code was used for Multiplexing and the Channel is used to send the Signal


1) GSM stands for Global System for MobileCommunication

2) The Memory storage is SIM ( Subscriber Identity Module ) card

3) It holds large market, The GSM technologies had an 75% share in the Global market

4) It is Dominant in the Whole world Except the US.There CDMA is growing bigger and Bigger

5) It uses the GPRS for Data transfer which is So Slow Forward

6) Every mobile has the Corresponding tower , Which serves the Mobile Phones in that area.



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