Interesting and Cool Facts about Linux

Linux is one of the Best and Powerful Operating system.Actually it was Developed by the Linus Benedict Torvalds.He developed this at the age of 21.

Linux was actually a Freeware where it is Free from the Viruses or Malware Infections.

Here i am sharing some of the Cool facts about Linux i came to know about the linux for you friends

1) For Writing Linux Kernel Version, They used Programming language C.

2) Linus Torvalds Written only 2% of the Current Linux

3) World Biggest Companies like Google,Twitter, and Linkedin Use the Linux as their Operating System

4) The First Linux that was Organised and Constituted by the Community of Developers is Debian

5) 90% of the World Most Powerful Computers are Using the Linux

6) The Most Widely Ported Operating system is the Linux Kernel, which is Coming in a Great varieties for the Operating Systems

7) The First Linux Commercial Distribution Take place in 1992

8) Linux was most Prefered in the Data Centres , as 33.7% ( approximately ) runs on Linux servers, where Windows 7.2% ( approximately ) in data servers

                I hope you enjoyed all the Cool facts of Linux, Please share my article to all of your friends


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