Some interesting and Cool Facts that you must Know

We listed the Cool Facts for your Knowledge Purpose.Read and Enjoy....................

1 ) Brain is Made up of Three Quarters of Water

2 ) Total Number of Ants is Quadrillion in the Earth

3) Owls cannot move their Eyeballs

4) We have 300 Bones in our Body, but When you grow up it reduces to 206

5) The Number of stars is more than the Grains of Sand on the Earth

6) The size of your Heart is same as your fist size

7) Dragon flies can see the all Directions at a time

8) Cat consists of 20 Muscles in Each Ear

9) About ten million Bricks are used for the Construction of Empire Building

10) Adding of Opposite sides of Dice will always gives the Number 7

11) Crocodiles Often Eat the Rocks

12) Lightning travels about the speed of 227 million mph

13) Frogs drink the Water through their Skin

14)  Yawn Lasts for 6 seconds as an Average

15) Before Dinasours, Horse shoe crabs lived in the Earth.

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