Some Interesting Facts on Android

Every mobile differs one with another in several ways, it is because of the display,interfacing,Size, and several reasons.

Based on the consumers taste, Mobile companies are trying new and new features regularly.To make our life easy, they introduced the smart phones where it can do so many tasks easily and smartly

For this type of smooth and Good use, Android has emerged.It faces some tough competition at first, now it is ruling the Whole World in smart phones market.

Let go through some facts we gathered for your information Purpose

1) Everyone is saying Google was the Mother of Android, No it wasn't. Actually in 2003 , it was devised.Then it was sold to the Google for a $50 Million by Andy Rubin and Rich Miner

2) In 2007 Google decided to introduce the Android Mobile Platform in the Market, and successfully introduced

3) Google had cleverly chosen android, as the Android was totally based on the Linux operating system and Windows challenger

4) As the Android was Open source, Many developers will choose more interest in Developing apps, which increase their Development.It normally reduces the cost down and the revenues High.

5) More or less , About 60% of the Android users fall under age of 34

6) Android users are mostly preferring this three games Angry birds, Solitaire and Jewels

7) About 46% of the Android users prefer to touchscreen than the Physical Keyboard

8) About 45% of the users are saying that the Android Mobile is the First Smart phone they Bought.

9) Mostly Android users Spend their Time on Emails and Games

10) About 8% of the iphone users are switched to Android phones.



  1. More than 900 Millions Android Devices has been Activated

  2. how it would be if android phones are made according to the profession like for a doctor,engineer or else any....?

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