Cool Facts about Ants for kids

Ants are small insects which are well known for Forming the Colonies.I collected some Interesting Facts about the Ants that you probably do not know...........

Some Coll facts about Ants

1) Ants can lift the Bodies, about 20 times to its Body Weight.

2) The Largest brain having insect is ant, it consists of  250,000 Brain Cells

3) The Continent that Ants are not there is Antarctica, As the Conditions are not Favorable for them to live

4) Some of the Ants can sleep for 7 hours

5) The Army Ant can even Bite a Huge Snake infront of it

6) Ants can live upto 40-60 days at an Average

7) There are About 35,000 kinds of Ants in the World

8) There are 60 species of ants in the North America

9) The Queen Ant has the Wings

10) Ants have Two stomaches in their Body, One ifor them , another is to feed others

11) Wood Ant Workers live upto 7 to 10 Years

12) The Queen ant will lays all his Eggs in his Anthill

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