Some Interesting Facts on Oxygen

Well without Oxygen, the whole world cannot survive .So it is an Vital Element for our Life.So let check some interesting facts and Information on the Oxygen

1) For Respiration Humans and Animals Need Oxygen

2) Oxygen is a Colorless, Odorless, and Tasteless Gas.

3) Combustion was Supported by Oxygen

4) Approximately 2/3 Human Body mass is made up of Approximately Oxygen

5) Until 1961 It was the Atomic Weight Standards for Other Elements, then it was Replaced by Carbon 12

6) In the Most Abundant Elements List in the World, Oxygen Occupies Third Place.

7) Half of the Earth Crust Weight Came up From Oxygen

8) Oxygen is A Chalcogen and a Non metal

9) Oxygen was Discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1774 in England

10)  Air is 78% Nitrogen and 21 % oxygen .


  1. good facts my son got a 6a on a homework because of these facts.Cheers (h)


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