Some Natural Cures for Healing Cough


Cough and Cold are common, but it is an irritation to do our normal day work, So we can avoid them by taking Pharmeutical drugs.But it has Side Effects, so we are giving some Natural Remedies for you..........

The natural remedies are well known to cure the Cold and cough............

1) Steam inhalation is the Best Remedy for curing the Cold

2) Make the Hot water With Gargle and add a Pinch of Salt in it.It helps to Cure the Sore Throat for you

3) Crushed Ginger and Few Tulasi Leaves are added to the Tea with a little Black Pepper on it.It helps to heal the Cough and Cold

4) Add the Ginger, Turmeric powder, and Honey to the warm milk, it will helps in relieving the Body Pains too.

5) Take one cup of Orange Juice and Mix it with 2 Tbsp of Honey , and Drink.It is a Good Remedy
     for Cough

6) Boil the Garlic in Water, and Drink the Water.It is a Better Cough Remedy

7) Boil the Eucalyptus and Mint Leaves in the Water, Inhale this for some time till Water cools.It helps
  in Curing Cough

8) Fry the Cloves ( take 2 or 3 ) and fry in Ghee.Now Chew them , it is Effective for Cough.

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