Some Natural Tips for the Glowing skin

Everyone was tired of the dullness of their skin , which will make you lose your Confidence and Freshness.So i collected some of the cool tips for your skin.Please read and share if you like it.....

Cool tips for your Skin

1) Take an Orange and cut the Orange to two pieces.

  • Now massage on your face and leave it for 10 minutes
  • Use Daily, and your skin will become shiny and glowing with in a Month

2) Grind the some Tulsi ( Besil ) leaves and Get the Juice out of them.

  • Now Mix this juice with the Lime Juice and massage on your face for 10 minutes
  • You will get the fairer skin in a 20 days

3) Apply the Mixture of Sugar water , lemon juice, and Almonds in the Equal amounts to your skin.

  • After 15 minutes, Apply the Green Gram Powder for 20 minutes.
  •  Now wash it with Warm Water ( do not apply the soap for 7 hours )
  •  You will get the Glowing skin at the Once

4) The Massage of your face with the Pomegranate juice Daily will make your skin fairer.

5) Mix two table spoons of Potato juice and One table spoon of Lemon juice and Apply this Mixture for the face.

  • Wash this mixture with the Cold Water after 20 minutes

6) Take a Banana in your hand

  •  Just smash it like mixture and apply this mixture on face
  •  Wash it off with water and your skin get fairer in quick period

7) Application of Lime Juice to your skin daily makes you to get Fairer Skin easily


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