Some PROS and CONS of Iphone 5

Iphone is an every persons dream , because of its amazing features than any other mobiles.The Iphone 5 was one of the mobile that created most hype and hit the Market with lot of expectations

Now let check the Pros and cons of the Iphone 5.


1) The Iphone 5 surprises with the Simply silky and Sleeky design which is the Biggest asset for the phone

2) The Iphone 5 is coming With an Larger screen before the Earlier versions, which it makes the users Viewing Experience more thrilling

3) The Iphone comes with the 4G LTE ,so many of people is not using this, But it makes an huge Difference in Future


1) The Battery life should be better , it is coming with the Less Battery life which disappoints many iphone users

2) The Headset Jack is moved to bottom where it is More inconvenient for many users

3) Camera is not too much changed from the Previous 4S versions.It is also an Drawback

4) The Price of Iphone 5 is not suitable for Normal people, it is a Major Drawback


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