Some PROS and CONS of Microsoft Tablet

Tablets are creating more hype now a days, actually lot of Tablets are on Android Platform.Computer giant Microsoft had Launched an tablet.

It is equipped with Windows 8 OS.Let see some of PROS and CONS of them..............

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Tablet


1) The Windows tablet had the In-Built Keyboard Feature which even the Ipad lacks

  • The additional cost of buying an external keyboard is not necessary to this.


2) We have the Choice of Selecting our Versions, It supports both Windows 8 and Windows RT

  • Windows 8 is mostly Preferable as it have Intel Processor had no Application Compatibility Problems    like Windows RT


3) Price was low when compared to other tablets.

  • They do not pay for the License to use the Windows,Which save money on the Hardware.

4)  It is best as playing its strength not as an  imitator and microsoft had made hard work to look  
      different from other tablets and they succeded too.


1) Yes you cannot use this tablet without WiFi , this both versions are just WiFi compatible.It is a Major
    Drawback, because you do not have WiFi in all the Areas.

  • It lacks Cellular Connectivity

2) The tablet had the Excellent and outlook features, but it lacks the Screen.

  •  The Screen is just 10 inches size which is an Drawback for the Major of Users

3) Windows comes with an Limited Storage of 64 GB and 128GB versions.

4) The ARM surface will not Run the Old apps, would not join the Domain and and they do not have
   apps at first.


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