Some unknown and cool interesting facts on Christams

We collected some unknown Christmas facts.............Have a Check on it once

1) We know about the song Winter Wonderland : in the Meadow we can build a snowman , then pretend he is Parson Brown.Actually Parson is the first name , So totally Parson Brown is a full name.It does not resemble two persons.The song was written by Dick smith , who was residing in West Mountain Sanitarium due to Tuberculosis.The song just played in Deep snow, interestingly no where Christmas is Mentioned.

2)The song Joy to the world is Composed by the isaac watts , he composed more than 750 hymns.It was heavily based on Psalm 98 in Bible written By king David.Actually this song is about Jesus Projected not his Birth.

3)Mistletoe was once used by young girls to find out their Life Partner.It is customary in England where young girls put the Mistletoe leaf in pillow and dream about an boy.Next morning they want to burn the leaf, if it is cracked their life would not be happy, if it is not cracked while burning they both have an happy life, and they tends to marry that person more.

4)Astronauts Tom Staffard and Wally Schirra on 1965, had sent the message to mission control : We have an object looks like going from north to south Probably  in polar orbit i see a command module and eight smaller modules the pilot of the command module is wearing a light module. Following this they sing the first song ever in space Jinglebells with a Harmonica and Bells accompanying.

5) Jolasviener or Christmas boys are Icelands 13 Santas.They are sons of trolls Gryla and Leppaludi who would eat children and who would been naughty through out the year.They gradually exploited and mess up christmas for people by stealing foods, Presents, Killing cows, Soiling your Clothes etc.Today they are Leaving presents to the children who are good and Potatoes to the Bad.


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