Some Differences between IPv4 and IPv6

We are all confusing about the IPv4 and IPv6 .So i take a step and listed the Differences between them.Hope you like it.


1) All the addresses of IPv4 are 32 bit length

2)The support of IPsec is only Optional

3)The Senders and Forwarding Routers will do the Fragmentation

4) Broadcasts Messages are available too

5)Static of IP addresses or Dynamic configuration is required to Configure IP address

6)No Packet Flow identification

7) Internet group Management Protocol ( IGMP ) is used for the Multicast Group Membership


1)  All the addresses of IPv4 are 128 bit length

2) Inbuilt IPsec Support

3) Only Sender will do the Fragmentation

4)) Broadcasts Messages are not available.Instead a Link local scope all nodes multi cast address is used for Broadcast

5)Auto configuration of Addresses is Available

6)Packet Flow identification is available within the IPv6 header Using the Flow Label Field

7) IGMP is replaced with  the Neighbour Discovery Protocol

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