Top 5 Easy tips for good Windows 7 Experience

Windows 7 is the good operating system ,by tweaking and knowing the Shortcuts, we get an Better Windows 7 Experience.

1) When Deleting the data permanently , Use the Shortcut Shift+Delete , then Shift+Enter to confirm.

  • You can change the Settings in the Drive by permanently disabling the recycle bin
  • Just go to their General Settings and click OK on " Do not move Files to recycle bin.Remove the files Immediately when Deleted "

 2) For using the Windows Explorer Use the Shortcut icon Windows+E , which will make you faster
    to load  the Windows Explorer

3) When you are busy or going for an Work, you should Lock your Computer quickly, Use this shortcut
    icon Windows+L for Locking the Computer

4) For viewing the Hidden folders,files open the Search box by pressing Windows

  • Type Folder in that box and Navigate to the View Tab
  • Under the Hidden files and Folders, Check the box show the Hidden Files and Folders and Drives

5) To Rename all the files , just highlight the files you want to rename, now hit F2 Key

  • Rename the First line and hit Enter
  • All your files are renamed now and an number is added to the every name of the files as Paranthesis.
  • If you do not want just type CTRL+Z to undo this actions


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