Top 5 Leafy Green Vegetables for your Health

Well i am not saying Only Vegetarians can live healthy, i am saying it is most important to Concentrate on Both.

The Vegetarians always likes to eat the Vegetables more regularly, as it is more beneficial to Health.Vegetables contain rich minerals,vitamins that help you to protect from the Heart Disease and Cancer too.

I am giving you the Top 5 Leafy Vegetables that is must for your health.

Green Vegetables for Health

1) Kale - Kale is an power House of Nutrients.It has all the Vitamins K,C,A and a rich amounts of Potassium and Calcium

2) Collards- Collards is similar to Kale in the Nutrients and Vitamins composition.But it taste like an Cabbage.So many of them do not know about this, A cup of Collards consists of 50 Calories

3) Spinach- Spinach has 20 calories at serving, and it is rich in all vitamins K,C, and A.The Cooked Spinach is more better than raw Spinach.They can Be eat as Raw in the Fruit salads

4) Broccoli - Broccoli is serving an 25 Calories , it is having Good Amounts of Vitamin A, Potassium and Rich Amounts of the Vitamin C.Americans are nearly eating about 6 Pounds an Year

5) Cabbage- It is Paler in Color, and It is rich in composition of Cancer Fighting Compounds and Vitamin C. The Half cup Cooked Cabbage can give 15 Calories.

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