Top 5 Strange British Foods

Every country is unique in their food preparations and Habits.when you take the South Africans, they eat Raw Dried Beef called biltong, and Chinese prefers to eat the bird nest soup , and if we talk about this more , well we can go through many examples.

The point here i want to say is the British has some different foods that normally we do not know and think, i have given the foods that they use which are seeming as unusual to us mainly by the Name.

Even though lot of foods are there, i taken the highlighted and important 5 foods for your information.let us see about them

what are good British foods

1) The SPOTTED DICK is the most and well known British food.Here if you see the name of the Food, it had the Word DICK which is term used to denote an Male reproductive organ.Recently several Hospitals Named this as SPOTTED RICHARD by Omitting the Word dick.

In real, the food is just mixture of Dried Fruits and sued pudding into which raisins before cooking.Some says that it is a derivation of the word "dough " that refers the Word "Dog"

2) The SCOTCH EGGS was great , but it is little strange.It is an Hard Boiled Egg which was peeled and Wrapped in Sausage meat Before it was being coated with the breadcumbs.

Taste Differs as different Saucages are used in the different parts of Britishers.The fat of meat will filter the breadcumbs and air fry them until crisp.The scorching is just added to the Flavour

3) The WELSH RABBIT ( Rarebit ), the name itself sounds wierd, actually it is RaraBit.It is just form of Toast but all Grown up.Normally it is an Cheese which is mixed with several ingredients and a touch of beer, where this mixture is placed in Toast and cook by the Oven

Real Welsh rare bit made form the Fresh ingredients is so delicious and Tasty

4) The WINKLES (Periwinkles ) is one of the traditional foods in northern England which is in the form of a Sea Snail.The Winkles which are soaked in the water for 12 hours are boiled and flesh is picked off.It gives rise to the term winkle-pickers

It is Best served with the salt, garlic and Butter.It takes lot of effort for getting lot of Winkles, as they are so small.

5) The BLACK PUDDING was the dish made from the mixture of the congeal pigs Blood, lard and oatmeal.As cereal is the largest Product found around the Britain than other parts in the World.

It is Generally served as Sliced and Fried.It is likely to say that it was actually made in middle ages, it was found in many parts of the Britain regions where it was common to keep pigs as livestock


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