What is the Basic Differences Between 1G,2G,3G,4G in Detail

The Mobiles are undergone so many technology changes , Every One has an good impact in those Periods.Now we are going for some of the Basic differences between the Technologies we used so Far.

The technologies 1G,2G,3G,4G differences and their description is given , Please have a note on this.........


1) The name itself depicts the Meaning, it stands for the First-Generation Wireless Telephone Technology.
2) The Generation representd the Biggest Analog Phones Which are Introduced in 1980's.
3) The 1G Services are Provided with Circuit Switching.
4) Later to this some technology improvements are made and see about them in Below


1) The 2G stands for the Second-Generation Wireless Telephone Technology.
2) It is Using the Digital Networks, and as it is Digital so many services came like SMS, E-Mail.
3) 2G is given the More Clarity on Hearing and Listening of the Voice calls, and it is mostly used for utilizing the Maximum Bandwidth


1) The 3G stands for the Third-Generation Wireless Telephone Technology
2) It is Using Wide Brand Wireless Network,So that Clarity increases and It gives you more Perfection
3) Packet Switching is the Technology used for Data Transfer.
4) Importantly, the 3G is better than other two because of the Speed it Works
5) It is Satisfying the needs of Present generation, like internet browsing, videos with ease and speed

1) The 4G stands for the Fourth-Generation Wireless Technology
2) It is Better than the three , because the Speed of 4G is more than the other two
3) It supports high Resolution Movies in the Mobiles online and Multimedia Newspapers.
4) The Data transfer is Lightning speed.



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