Which to choose Between DDR3 Vs DDR5

Graphic cards are very useful in the system Performance and their Life, So many of them are opting for an efficient Graphic card, DDR3 and DDR5 are one of the better choices for you in the Market.

I am giving some differences between them and give you some directions on choosing the Best graphic card for your specific needs

What is DDR3 and DDR5

DDR3 vs DDR5

1) Price of the DDR3 was lower than the DDR5 card

  • Normally Nvidia GT 430 of DDR3 1GB  was about 3500/- in the market
  • In DDR5, the Price was little higher Anti Radeon HD 5670 was 5500/- in the Market

2) Performance of those cards

DDR3 ( Nvidia GT 430 )

  • The Core clock frequency is 700 MHz
  • The Memory Bus Width is 128 bit
  • The Memory Clock Speed is 900 MHz

DDR5 ( Anti Radeon HD 5670 )

  • The Engine Clock speed is 775 MHz
  • The Data fetch rate is 62 billion fetches/ second
  • The Memory Clock Speed is 1 GHz

3) Design

  • DDR3 is slightly easy to design and sleeker
  • DDR5 is more Complicated in their Design

            If you need good speed and cool Performances Opt for DDR5 , and For High Bookmarking Games it is more Preferable.


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