Some interesting Differences between Java and .Net

For Writing codes we need certain platforms, so many are confused about this part, i had collected some differences between the two major platforms, i hope it is an good reference for your work

What are Java and .net


1) Java was found by the Sun Microsystems

2) Source code was converted to the ByteCode by JVM in Java.

3) Java uses an Common Language

4) Java is an Single language shared by Multiple Platforms

5) Java has very Poor Frame Work

6) Java is completely Language Dependent


1) .Net was found by the Microsoft

2) Source code was converted to MSIL by the help of CLR in .Net.

3) .Net uses many Languages and it generates a Platform Specific Code

4) .Net is an Multiple Languages shared by Single Platform

5) It has rich set of Classes and Interfaces.

6) .Net is completely Language Independent


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