Some interesting FAT and NTFS Differences

There are two methods for Storing the Data in the Hard Drives, let us see the differences between the both  
  ( NTFS and FAT ) of them in a brief...........

What are FAT and NTFS Differences


1) FAT stands for the File Allocation Table

2) FAT supports older operating system only

3) FAT supports only 2 GigaBytes space in the Hard drive

4) It is less efficient and slower

5) If FAT becomes corrupt it is impossible to recover the Data

6) FAT is less Secure


1) NTFS stands for the New Technology file System

2) NTFS supports the New operating system like windows xp, 7.

3) NTFS supports larger space in the Hard drive

4) It is more efficient and Faster

5) If NTFS is Corrupted there is an Possibility for recovering the Data

6) NTFS is More Secure


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