Google Chrome Shortcut keys

Google's Laboratory has launched the new browser "Google Chrome " a few years ago.In the short Period it gained huge fans and it is a very Popular Browser.

For a good and better Experience it is best to know the Keyboard shortcuts of it.

Here i am Giving all the Keyboard shortcuts for the Google Chrome

For the Tabs

  • To open a New Tab, Press CTRL+T.
  • To Close a Current tab, Press CTRL+W
  • For Switching to the Next tab, Press CTRL+Page Down
  • For Switching to the Previous Tab, Press CTRL+Page up

On the Page or Website

  • For Scrolling up the Web page, Press SPACEBAR
  • For Scrolling Down the Page, Press Shift+SPACEBAR

For bookmarking

  • For Bookmarking an site, Press CTRL+D

For Text use

  • To zoom in the Text press Ctrl++
  • To zoom out of the Text press Ctrl+-

For finding the Text

  • To open the Find box, and search item Press Ctrl+F
  • To switch to the Next matched Result , Press Ctrl+G


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