Easy tips for Lighten your Darken Lips naturally

Lips is the most sensitive and attractive part for women , even men too.For so many reasons some times it tends to go darken, so we collected some natural tips for lightening it.Please note this

1) Massage the Lemon Juice daily on Lips before going to sleep Every night, it lightens your Dark

2) Apply Honey Every night to your lips, it gives you a nice pinker glow for your lips

3) Apply the chilled beetroot as a mask to your lips and keep it for 20-30 minutes

  • Do it for 3-4 days, your lips will be lighten soon

4) Crush some strawberries and mix with Petroleum jelly and apply on lips.It helps too

5) Apply Ghee on your lips 3 times a day, it will make you lighten your lips

6) Crush 4-5 rose petals into a fine paste , and apply to the lips for natural lightning of lips

  •  If your lips are dry add honey to the paste and apply
7) Use Olive oil or Mustard oil, rub your lips with the oil before sleep everyday.It lightens your lips


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