Some Cool and amazing facts about Turmeric

Turmeric was an Orange colored spice used more in India and It is an one Part of the Ginger Family.The Most Active Ingredient in the Turmeric is Curcumin

Some Benefits of turmeric

Some reasons to add the turmeric in your diet..........

1) It is an Natural Antibacterial and Antiseptic agent, that is more useful in the Disinfecting of Burns and cuts

2) Turmeric is an Excellent and Natural Liver Detoxifier

3) Turmeric is an Natural Painkiller And an Cox-2 inhibitor

4) Turmeric has good use in children, it reduces the risk of Childhood Leukemia

5) When turmeric is combined with the cauliflower ,it is shown that it prevents the Prostate cancer

6) It will stop the New Growth of new Blood Vessels In the tumors

7) It is an Good treatment for the Arthritis as it is Naturally Anti-inflammatory

8) It will help you in weight Management and aids you in the Fat Metabolism

9) It helps to heal the Wound Quickly and it will remodel the damaged skin

           Note- Turmeric should not be used for the People who have bile obstruction


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