How to Speed up your PC in Easy way

Day by day your system speed will get reduced due to several factors, when the system is new it will work like an Horse but when it becomes older it will loses its Work speed

There are several factors that reduces the speed, So we Focused on those and giving some good tips on speeding up your Computer in an Easy ways

1) Firstly Defragment the Hard Drives in the Computer, Defragmentation is the Files stored in an Clumpsed Manner, By freeing the Hard Drives we save lot of space and computer seems to work faster than before.Use Good Defragmentation Softwares for the Speed up of your Computer

2) Whenever we start the Computer several Programs will arise in the Startup, so it is better to remove the rare using or Unwanted Programs from the Setup.It will boost your Computer Performance

3) The Programs which we was Installed will Decrease the System RAM, so better to uninstall the Unwanted Programs in the computer Which free up RAM and aids in the good Speed up of PC

4) Naturally the computer has Malware and virus threats, So Better to Protect your Computer with the Best Anti-Virus, Which will eventually speed the Computer Programs

5) Use some Good Registry Cleaners, Because it will Maximise your System Performance.

Some additional Tips

For your Best Gaming Experience, Please switch the Windows theme to Classic View, It saves the Lot of Memory and your Gaming Experience can be Increased



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