How to remove spam Emails in Gmail automatically

Gmail is one of the most prominent mail services, It has best features among them removing spam mails automatically. As we know spam mails carry virus thus it enters the system and it effects system performance & the system doesn't work properly.Many of us didn't read that such spam mails, we just ignored and deleting without opening them. To made the work easy for the users, this work is done automatically by using the following method.
How to remove Spa Email in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail Account, Then go to "Settings" tab

2. Under Settings we have "Filters" tab, select a "Create New Filter"

3. Then a new window appears in that we have "Has the Words" box, in that type "in:spam", then click on the "Next step"

4. Then Tick "Delete it" and tick "Also Apply filter to 0 matching conversations"

5. Then click "Create Filter"

That's all you are done...!!!

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