How to Send the Password Protected Email to your Friends

Today lot of hackers are there to hack your id and read your credential data, as i worked hard to find this service which was very good for the Business People

You can send an Password Protected Email to your Friend, Learn here for how to do this..........

Lockbin is an online service that gives you this Opportunity.

How to send Protected Email

Steps to follow

1) Click Here to open the lockbin Service

2) You will get an form which was given below

3) You can attach an File or you can write the message which you want to convey to your friend

4) After this Click Submit Button

5) The Password Protected mail has been sent, Now the Receiver will get only the Link of your Password Encrypted File

6) When you click that link It asks to enter that Password , Otherwise it wont open

7) After sending this Mail Make sure that You had send the Password for that file to your Friend by mobile or Normal mail itself

8) The Password Protected Email is Stored in the Lockbin Server itself

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