Cool Tips to Lower your electric bill

Day by day the Electricity bills are increasing , there is an special need for us to save power and reduce the bill.

The cool tips for cutting your bill more is given below, please read carefully.......

1) Normally several people use heaters, so follow this tips on Heating utility

  • Set the Temperature to comfortable 20°C

  • Prefer the automatic On and Off Heaters more

  • Always use Heated Throw instead of Portable Space Heater while your Household Works

2) There are some tips to follow in the cooling utility

  • Set your Cooler temperature to comfortable to 24°C.

  • Always wear Cool Cotton clothes and use Air conditioners only on Maximum Temperature days

3) Use fans instead of Air Conditioners when there is less heat, it reduces the bill more

4) Reduce the Electricity bill by Installing an heat pump for your Hot Water needs

5) Replace the Standard Incandescent bulbs with the More Efficient and Energy Saving bulbs

6) Always keep Refrigerator thermostats at idle temperature 

  •  For Fridge between  2ºC and 6ºC
  •  For Freezer between -11ºC and -23ºC

7) Prefer Front loader Washing Machines than Top loader Washing Machines

  • Prefer to automatic on or off washing machines to conserve electricity

          Finally when the appliances are not in use, Please Turn off it and save your bill.............


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  1. Many ways are available to reduce your energy use, but some methods save more power and money than others. Just see the link in this guide you will find many simple ways to reduce your electricity bill..hope this will help you .


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