Must Know Basil ( Tulsi ) leaves Health Benefits

The Basil ( Tulsi ) leave is an symbol in the Hindu tradition, a part from this it had several medicinal values.Let us see the Main health benefits of it..........

Tell about Some Basil benefits

1) Tulsi leaves are used in the Sore Throats, Consumption of Basil ( Tulsi ) leaves with the Hot water will
    give you relief from the Sore throat.It can also used as a Gargle

2) Tulsi leaves helps in mobilize the Mucus in Bronchitis and Asthma.It is an good remedy for Cough

3) Tulsi leaves has Strengthening Effect on Kidneys, it is useful in the Cure of Kidney stones

4) Tulsi leaves are generally very good for the Sore Eyes and Night Blindness which is generally caused due
     to Lack of Vitamin A

5) Tulsi leaves are very good for ulcers and infections in the Mouth

6) Tulsi leaves are an good Blood Purifier, and it is an good Anti-stress agent

7) Tulsi leaves juice are beneficial in the Treatment of Ringworms and other Skin Diseases

8) Tulsi leaves reduce the Blood Cholesterol, and it has good effect in the Cardiac diseases and Weakness
     resulting from them


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