Differences Between RNA and DNA in Detail

The RNA and DNA looks like similar but it had some Differences that no none knows.......Let us see those Differences in Brief..........

what is RNA and DNA


1) DNA stands for DeoxyRiboNucleic Acid

2) DNA molecules contain the Deoxyribo sugars

3) DNA has Thimine (U)

4) As far as DNA is considered only one type of DNA is present

5) DNA is Doubly Stranded

6) DNA is indirectly involved in the Protein Synthesis


1) RNA stands for the Ribonucleic acid

2) RNA Molecules Contain the Ribo Sugars

3) RNA has Uracil (U)

4) RNA is of three types, they are mRNA , rRNA , tRNA.

5) RNA is singly Stranded

6) RNA is Directly involved in the Protein Synthesis


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