Some interesting and cool facts about Google

Well if you are reading my article now, it is mostly with the help of Google.But so many of them do not know the History behind Google.So Let us Check some cool Facts............

Some Facts about Google

1) IN 1996, January Google was started as a Research Project at Stanford university by an two candidates Larry page and Sergey Brin

2) The Google Servers are racked upon Clusters Which was Located in several Data Centers around the World.An approximate of 450,000 servers are there in Google

3 Nearly 57% of the American kids are saying the Google as their First Word

4) Daily around 620 million Visitors Visit the

5) Most of the Revenue about 97% is coming to Google by their Advertising Services

6) Daily Google is Processing 20 Petabyte of Information

7) When the Google was started it had indexed less pages , around 25,000.Now it was indexing some billions of Pages

8) Total Google assets in the year 2010 was $57.851 billion Dollars

9) For the Smooth operation Google uses 1 million Computers and Handles over an 1 billion requests per day

10) Google Became the World Largest Search Engine in the Year 2010



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