Interesting 15 facts about Earth

Earth is one of the Planet in the solar system , it is the only planet that has living organism.So let see the Facts on the Earth in brief

When was the Earth formed

1) The Earth total surface area is 197 million Square miles

2) Nearly 540 volcanoes are known, but we do not know about the no of Erupted Undersea volcanoes yet.

3) At average about 100 lightning strokes are happening World wide at a second

4) The time taken for the earth to reach the sun rays is 8 minutes and 3 seconds

5) The Driest, and Coldest continent in the earth is Antarctica

6) The Earth's Oceans are at an Average of 2 miles deep

7) Earth is considered to be as an densest major part in the Solar system

8) The distance from the Surface to the Earth is 3,963 miles

9) Oceans Contain about 99% of the Living species in the World

10) The One-Third part of the Earth is Only Desert

11) The Only Planet where water can be found in Liquid form is the Earth

12) The Nile river in Africa is the Longest river in the is around 6,825 kilometers

13) Mount Everest is the Highest Mountain in the World about 8850 meters

14) Nearly 70% of the Fresh water is stored as an Glacial ice

15) In Some Parts of Atacama Desert Chile, Still rain has not recorded.



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