Some Interesting and cool facts about the Sun

The sun is orbited by nine planets and it is the light source for the earth.Let us see some of the interesting facts about the sun in brief

Interesting sun facts

1) The sun possess the 99.85% of the Mass in our Solar System

2) The Present age of sun is Estimated as 4.6 Billion Years

3) The Composition of sun is as follows Hydrogen 75%, 23% Helium and 2% heavier Elements

4) Per Second about 4 Million Tons of Hydrogen is Being Consumed in the Sun

5) The Closest Star to our Living Planet Earth is Sun , it is at a Distance of  149.60 Million Kilometers

6) The Temperature of sun at its Core is 15 Million Degree Celsius

7) The Gravity of Sun is 28 times of the Earth's Gravity

8) All the planets in the Earth is orbiting in the Counter Clock wise Direction to the sun.

9) The Path of the Planets to the Sun is Elliptical

10) It takes about 23.58 Earth days for the Sun to rotate in its Axis

11) For Every 11 years the Sun will reverse its Overall Magnetic Polarity .

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