Some Natural remedies for the Headache

Headache is one of the Problems that you normally face in our life due to several factors, we can get rid of Headache by Natural Methods Without Side Effects....Let us see how

1) To get rid of headache which occurs due to lots of stress and worries, it is better to Place an Ice Pack on the Throat, Shoulders and Back of your Neck

2) Sometimes due to dehydration pain in the head takes place.So Sit calmly and Drink lots of Water Slowly.Soak an cloth in the ice cold Water and tie in your for 10 minutes.So hydrate your Body well.

3) Massage the Peppermint oil fir the 10 Minutes , it soothes the nerves and revitalize the energy

4) Computer radiation or Excessive lights are the one of reasons of the Headache , Then Use Anti-Glare Spectacles when Working with your Computer and wash your Face few times in a day and take rest

5) Do not Consume High Sugared Foods Such as Preservatives and Food Colors.Always try to include the Natural Vegetables and Fruits in your Diet

6) Drink a Cup of Herbal tea will relieve your Headache

7) Lemon juice in tea or Water will relieve the Headache



  1. thanks my mother suffers a lot from this headache she has been informed by this and i'm very thankful to you!!

  2. Of course massage is of the best solution to solve headache problem. We can get complete relief with the help of it.back pain and neck pain


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