Some Windows 8 Pros and Cons that must be known

Windows 8 was the latest venture from the Microsoft and it is gaining huge importance due to some mesmerizing features, and it lacks some important features too.

What is Pros and cons of windows 8

Let us see the Pros and cons for the Windows 8 as far as i consider..............


1) The Windows 8 was the New arrival, generally people love the new things.So it is fresh and efficient in work performance

2) The Windows 8 Price was cheaper it was about $40, where as previous versions are more than $100.

3) The Microsoft account is totally merged with the Windows.Normally It is Pro/Con, but as far as i consider it is better to say it is an Pro regarding my Experience

4) The Windows 8 is so much faster when compared to their Previous Windows operating system

5) The Microsoft Office 2013 which comes with this is Awesome and Efficient

6) The Main attraction of this Operating system Start screen is cool and awesome

7) The boot speed of the Windows 8 was very fast, just clocking in 5 seconds

8) The apps are good and it was very useful


1) There are lot of installation problems arising in the windows 8.We want to spend more hours for this, so it is time consuming, so it is one of the drawback of windows 8

2) The file is Massive, it was 2GB so please do not buy Digital download when you do not have the Faster internet Connection

3) The Microsoft Office 2013 price was $99 which was more than the twice of Operating system cost.So it is an Drawback for windows 8

4) Some apps which are pre-installed are taking so much time to load, so it makes you a bit angry.

5) Still the Internet Explorer is the default browser , it sucks a bit

6) The apps are good, but only limited in the Selection point



  1. I have a lot of complaints about the technicals of this article:
    1) The deplorable English made this an actual chore to read
    2) In the pros you say the Microsoft Office 2013 comes with the OS, then in the cons you said it cost $99. If you have to pay for it then it doesn't really count as a pro of the OS
    3) "Really cool" isn't a quantitative value, and is subject to opinion (meaning one could just as easily argue that it looks "really ugly).
    4) 2GB isn't really that large of a download for software, and even less so considering its an OS (windows 7 was 2.1GB)
    5) Internet explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft, if they put another free browser on there then they could be sued for selling free-ware or worse a competitors product.

    Overall I feel like this was written by someone who neither has a strong grasp of the English language, nor basic computer concepts.

  2. Hello Gunderman, We are not talking about the Profit of Company, we are talking about the users comfort
    1) Internet Explorer was not good as other browsers, so it is an pro in windows 8 for the people who expects some fast and reliable browser
    2) Yeah Microsoft 2013 was an pro because of its good performance, when it comes to full availability it will costs around $99, So it is an Cons for low budget people.
    3) You are kidding here, we mention it takes lot of time if we have slow internet connection for downloading the 2GB file.We Discussed about comfort for the users
    4) Finally as an Beginner in Blogging, it is difficult to adjust in the English skills and writing starting itself, and we are Good at computer concepts..
    Before commenting first learn how to read an article..........

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