Some unknown interesting facts about the Titanic

Titanic was hit by an iceberg in 11.40 pm on April 14 night and sunk two hours later completely.So we collected the interesting facts about the Titanic.Please read it..............

When the titanic ship started

1) Actually there was an life boat drill scheduled on the day april 14 1912, but due to some reasons the
   Captain of the ship smith cancelled the Drill.Still some people believe that if it happened, there will be an
    chance of saving the more lifes in that time

2) The Officers had an little time of 37 seconds to react by the time alarm rang.The officer Murdoch has
    ordered his men to take ship to left and Ordered the Engine room to take Reverse.But these are not good
    enough to make ship from sinking.

3) The Titanic has everything, it has its own Newspaper.The Atlantic Daily Bulletin was printed daily in the
    Boat.It includes news, Stock prices society-Gossips and the Day's Menu

4) The Most Passengers had to Share Bathrooms, Where as the third class Passengers of 700 had only Two
   Bath tubs

5) Most of the Life Boats that launched on titanic was not fully Filled according to its Capacity

6) With the Order of only Women and Children first in the Life Boats, it is surprised to see the Dogs made
   into the Life Boats,Out of the 9 dogs, the two that are rescued are Pomeranian and Pekinese

7) The iconic image shows four Cream Black Funnels, where three is for Releasing the Steam from the
   Boilers and the fourth one is just for show


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