Some Useful tips around Home

We always wish that some works can be done easier saves you lot of time.We collected some tips that is very useful for us..............

Some useful Domestic tips

1) Always Keep the Cucumbers skin nearer to the ants hole, Because ant hates cucumbers.We can get rid of ants

2) If you want Pure and Clean ice, Please boil the Water before Freezing

3) Clean the mirror with the Spirit, it makes your Mirror to shine

4) If we keep the clothes in a Freezer for an hour we can easily remove Chewing gum from the Clothes

5) Slice the lemon into 10 pieces and put in hot water.Now keep the clothes in that water for an ten minutes, it whitens your white clothes more.

6) Add an Teaspoon of vinegar to the hair , and wash off.It makes your hair shining

7) Please chew the Bubble gum while cutting Onions,It prevents you from the Tears on cutting the onions

8) Sprinkle the black pepper in the places where rats or mice live.They will ran away and we can get rid of rats

9) If we soak lemons for an hour in the water, we can get the Maximum juice in the lemon when we crush them.


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