Interesting and cool Taj Mahal Facts

Tajmahal is one of the seven wonders in the world which was located in the Agra, Country India.Let us see some cool facts about Tajmahal

What are Tajmahal facts

1) To build the entire Monument it takes 22 years.It was started in 1631 and ended in 1653

2) Nearly 32 crores of rupees were spent for the Construction of entire Monument

3) The UNESCO made Tajmahal as the World Heritage site in 1983

4) The Architect of Tajmahal is the "Ustad ahmad lahauri "

5) The Garden Complex called " charbagh " measures about 320 Square Metres

6) The Height of the Main Central dome is 214 feet and 59 feet in diameter

7) For the Construction Materials transport about 1100 Elephants are used

8) After the Completion of Structure the hands of Workers were cut down by Shahjahan, Because No other monument should be Constructed like Tajmahal

9) The Tajmahal is an Mixture of indian, Persian and islamic style Architectures

10) The Huge gate which was the Entrance of the tomb named "Darwaza-i-rauza " was made of redstone

11) An gold plate finial is Placed in the top of the Main Dome which was inspired from the Vedic temples

12) Nearly 3-4 Million people Visits the Tajmahal Annually.

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