Cool Facebook Shortcut Keys that you must know

Yeah Facebook is the Best Social Networking site in the World so far, So if you are an regular user of Facebook, you want to know this Shortcuts in your keyboard which saves your time and Energy

Shortcut keys that save your time in Facebook

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for the Facebook

1) For the Opening of the Home Page, please enter the  key Alt+1

2) For viewing your Profile Page, Please enter the key Alt+2

3) For the Friend Requests, Please enter the Key Alt+3

4) For viewing the Messages in your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+4

5) For the Notifications in your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+5

6) For the Settings in the Profile, Please enter the key Alt+6

7) For the Privacy settings for your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+7

8) For the About us page in the profile, Please enter the key Alt+8

9) For the Terms and conditions in the Profile, enter the key Alt+9

10) For the Help page, please enter the key Alt+0

11) For the Search box in your Profile press Alt+?

12) For Creating a New Message in the Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+M
       Note-This shortcut may not work in the Internet Explorer

NOTE-When using this Shortcut keys in different browsers you should adjust according to it

1) When you are using the Firefox, just use Shift+Alt instead of Alt in the above Shortcut keys'

2) When you are using the Internet explorer, hit Enter after the triggering of Shortcut key

3) When you are using the Mac, Please use Ctrl+Opt instead of the Alt in the above shortcut keys



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