Must Known Mozilla Firefox Shortcut keys

Mozilla Firefox is one of the Good browsers for Surfing the Internet and easy to use too.Let us see some of the cool Shortcuts that will save your time and Energy.

1) For opening the home Page in Firefox, Please press Alt+Home

2) For Going back or going to the Previous Page, Please Press Alt+Left Arrow

3) For Going Forward or going to the Next page, Press Alt+Right Arrow

4) To Refresh a Current Page or Frame or Tab, Press F5

5) For Displaying an Webpage in the Full Screen Mode Press F11,Pressing again enter F11 will exit this
     Full Screen mode

6) To Clear your Private Data, Please Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete

7) For adding an webpage as Bookmark to your Browser ,Press Ctrl+D

8) For opening an New tab in the Browser , Press Ctrl+T

9) For Closing the Current Tab in the Browser, Press Ctrl+W

10) To move between the Tabs in the Browser , Press Ctrl+Tab

11) By Pressing the Spacebar ,We can Move the Page Down at a time

12) By Pressing the Shift+Spacebar ,We can Move the Page Up at a time

13) For Displaying the Downloads list, Press Ctrl+J

14) For Printing an Page, Press Ctrl+P

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