Must Read Interesting facts about the Moon

In this article, i am going to present some interesting trivia and facts about the Moon which was very useful for improving your General Knowledge.Its worth to read and it is enjoyable too

Some facts about moon

1) Natural Satellite is the body that orbits Planet or asteroid, in this way moon orbits the Earth.So the Moon 
   is the one and only Natural Satellite for the Earth

2) The Average distance of the moon to the Earth is 384403 Kilometers

3) The moon normally orbits the Earth of 27.3 days

4) Neil Armstrong was the First Man to step foot in the Moon

5) Due to the gravitational pull of the moon, Normally the Earth Tides occur.

6) The Gravity on the moon is less, it is just 17% of the Earth

7) The moon age is 4.6 Billion years 

8) Still researches are going, There is no air in the moon but there seems to be an little Possibility on the  
      Existence of Water

9) The Shape of the moon is not circular or spherical, it is Egg shaped

10) The Lunar Eclipse will occurs between the Moon and the Earth


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