Some Cool tips to Speed Up Windows 8

Windows 8 is an good Operating system from the Microsoft, Even though it is fast sometimes it is lagging too at the necessary times, so i had given some cool tips for making your Windows 8 to run faster than before

Please read carefully the given steps and have a Good Windows 8 Journey

1) Disable the Search Indexing Feature may makes your OS to run more Quickly , the search index service is for the Quick look for your files and Folders by keeping an eye on them always,If you are not often Searching files, this Feature is just a Waste of RAM,So please Disable it if you are not using it more

To Disable the Search indexing Feature
  • Go to My Computer and Right click it then go to " Manage "
  • After an Window will come, go to Computer Management > Services and Applications
  • Now double click on services and Applications
  • Now Click on the Services Button
  • Disable it by clicking the Stop Button

2) Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects in your computer, it is an pleasure to the eye when the Effects in the computer are mesmerizing, but if you lack good Video card,RAM,Processor, it is an burden to your system,so Please deactivate it when you are not supposed to have best system Requirements

To Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects

  • Right Click the Computer and Go to " Properties "
  • A new window will appear, then go to Advanced System Settings
  • After that a New Window will appear named System Properties
  • Click on Advanced > Settings ( First one )
  • A window will appear, please Uncheck all the options except the Last four Options

3) Please Disable the Unwanted Windows 8 Programs and Features, if you are not using the Windows 8 Programs features it is also an Burden for your System,So please disable it

To Disable the Unwanted programs and Features

  • Go to Computer and go to control Panel
  • Now open Programs and Features and Select Program features turn on or off
  • Please Uncheck the Unwanted Programs and Features in your Computer

4) Many Start up programs and The Running apps will consume more RAM, and it slows the computer,So please Disable the Unwanted Start up services in the Computer

How to Disable the Unwanted Startup services

  • Open up the Task Manager in the Computer
  • Deactivate the service you do not need in the Computer 

Other tips

5) Please use some registry Tweak Softwares that improve your System performance 

6) If you are using Laptop, change the Power Plan By default it is on the Best Performance, If you need to adjust go to Battery icon on Taskbar > More Performance Options > High Performance

7) Turn off the High definition Wallpapers and the Screen savers



  1. Or acquire Anvir Undertaking Boss that can pre warn a person each time a plan attempts to be able to put by itself into Start-up (and you possibly can select no matter whether allowing or perhaps not). Or acquire CCleaner and that is extremely quick and easy to use to remove excess Start-up records -- the main one computer program We consider to get idiot-proof.

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