Some Health Benefits of Dark chocolate

There is no people on the earth who hate the Sweet stuff, except the Sugar patients Lolz, let us speak about the Sweetest Dark Chocolate, it had huge medicinal benefits, so take a look on them carefully

Some cool Health Benefits of Dark chocolate are as follows

1) Dark Chocolate is Good for the heart, as studies shows that Consumption of Dark chocolate in small amounts thrice a Week will Lower the Blood Pressure.

  • It also Prevents the Blood clots in the Body
  • It improves the Blood flow in our Body
  • It may Prevent the Hardening of Arteries

2) Dark chocolate is very good for your Brain, it will help you to reduce the Stroke, It consists of tiny amounts of Caffeine too
  • It consists of phenylethylamine ( PEA ) ,this is the chemical that creates an feel like that you are falling in an Love
  • It also encourages the Endorphins that will make you more happier

3) Dark chocolates is Full of AntiOxidants , So it will help to free your body from the free radicals which may cause the Oxidative damage to the cells
  • Free radicals are one of the causes of cancer, so Chocolates can prevent the cancer

4) Dark chocolates are very useful in controlling the Blood Sugar in the Human body and it preserves our Blood Vessels Healthy
  • Due to the Presence of Flavanoids will reduce the insulin resistance and try to get the sufficient amount of insulin to your Body easily
  • Due to low Glycemic index, It wont cause Huge Spikes of the Sugar levels in our Body

5) Dark chocolates contains the theobromine which is useful to harden the tooth Enamel 

  • It is a Mild Stimulant not as strong as Caffeine , it will suppress the coughs
  • It will lower your risk of getting tooth cavities unlike other Chocolates

6) Finally chocolates  are rich in minerals and Vitamins like Potassium, copper,iron and Magnesium.

  •  The iron will prevents the iron deficiency anemia
  • The magnesium will prevents the type 2 diabetes
  • Potassium and iron will Prevent against Stroke


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