Some Fun and Interesting facts about the Camels

The camel is also known as the Ship of the Desert, as it can be useful for the Transport and Travel in the Deserts more than any animal

Some Unknown and Interesting facts about the Camel are

1) COW is the name termed for the Female Camel, BULL is termed for the Male Camel, CALF is termed
    for Baby Camel

2) Actually the camel came from the Arabic Word which means "Beauty"

3) The Largest Fence in Australia was completed in 1907, Do you believe or not, Without the Use of
    Camels it would not be Completed

4) The Bedouins use the Camels very Often, Yet they are Using the Camels

5) Camels had the Ability to Eat Thorny Twigs without Hurting their Mouth

6) Per Day, Camel can Drink about 200 Liters of Water

7) There are Three Chambers Presented in the Camel Stomach

8) Normally Camel wont chew the Food, and Swallow it Instead

9) The hearing power of Camels is very strong even though its Ears are small and Hairy

10) Camels can survive without water for days and even months too

11) The Camel Eyelashes are Protected from two thick layers , which prevents and Protects the Dust.

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