Some Interesting facts about the Golf

Golf is one of the sport that is playing from so log ago, it pays you huge amounts of money too.Let us talk about the interesting facts about the Golf

1) The First Golf ball was used in the 16th Century, it was made up of Wood

2) Women also plays golf a lot, interestingly among the world golfers 25% are Women

3) The Golf Club located in the Massachusetts of 7600 meters was the worlds longest Golf course

4) Till date, the Worlds longest putt was about 114 meters long

5) The Dimples in the golf ball are 336 for american ball and 330 for British Ball

6) In the Period from 1457 to 1502, Golf was Banned in Scotland, as to stop the people from wasting the time as they are seriously preparing for the English Invasion

7) There are 34 rules in golf now, in starting days it was 13

8) One of the fun facts to admit was, there are 3 Golf Balls on the Moon

9) At the Young Age of 8, Tiger Woods Snagged his First Ace

10) Tactu Golf Club in Morococha , Peru which is sitting above the sea level at a height of 14,335 feet is the Worlds Highest Golf Course


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