Some interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg

Thanks to the Genius Mark Zuckerberg who founded the World's Biggest Addiction Facebook.Only due to his Great Imagination and Hard Work, the facebook is leading in the Social networking sites.

Some Mark Zuckerberg facts

It is redefining its success by getting 845 million users around the world , now we discuss about the facts about the Brain behind the Facebook.

1) Mark Zuckerberg was an Dropped out student of Harvard and he is Successful in Connecting the 10% of
   world Population through his social networking

2) He is the America's 14th Richest man

3) The Net worth of his money was $17.5 billion

4) He was Red-Green Color Blind , Blue was the Best Color he can see,this is the reason the blue is the
   Dominant Color in the Facebook

5) He was declared as a Worst Dresses Men in Silicon valley list by the GQ

6) He was the Youngest Billionaire in the World , He became Billionaire at the age of 23 in the Year 2008

7) While he was studying in Harvard ,he developed an Music app called Synapse Player.The Microsoft and
   AOL offered Millions of dollars for him to develop the app further.



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