Some Must Known PROS and CONS of Blog Comments

The Blogger is an Excellent platform for the People with innovative thoughts who want to share it in the Social Media with less effort.It has lot of features, so many of them are confused to keep or removing the Comments Box from your Blogger

What are PROS and CONS in Comments of Blog

So far as i know i am listing the PROS and CONS of the Blog comments, it is up to you
to decide whether to place or not in your Blogger


1) It is an Interactive session between your visitors and you- By enabling the Comments the visitors are having the freedom to share their thoughts and it leads to the Conversations.It makes an good connection between the Visitors and You

2) Increase of your Business- The visitors not only share their thoughts and the more traffic may get catch up the eye of some potential Advertisers.It improve your Business

3) Good Communication between your Clients and you- If you are running an Business site, it is necessary to have the Proper communication between your clients, which gets you more trust towards them.So it is good to enable the Comments


1) Unwanted Comments or Spam- Spam is regarded as the biggest threat for the bloggers , so they are stepping back in enabling the comments.The spam messages are non related with the topic and adult messages

2) Comments that end up in Insulting arguments- Normally some visitors try to make some fun of the posts written by the author, sometimes it leads to the anger and comments will become abusive and it gives an bad impression for the New visitors of your page

3) Frequently monitoring your site-As the page grows more traffic and more comments we need to spend time on the Comment moderation, where it is an burden when we have lot of work in the blog Improvement.


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