Some Must Known PROS and CONS of Wearing Contact lenses

People are now wearing the Contact lenses, by feeling that Spectacles is not looking good on their faces and it is some weight too.

There are lot of uses
and some Disadvantages in wearing the Contact lenses too, let us see about them


1) In the view of Comfort, the Contact lenses are More Comfortable than normal Spectacles

2) The Contact lens can provide better Peripheral Vision

3) The Contact lenses Do not fog up

4) It is Good for the Sports people who feels hard to wear spectacles and Play the game

5) The Weight of  is lighter than the Spectacles

6) Contact lens will do not fall off from eyes

7) Contact lens is better in the Rain and Mists

8) Contact lens are less costly


1) When it is Exposed to Certain Chemicals , it may get Exposed up

2) Lenses have the ability to absorb toxic fumes

3) Lenses can be easily Teared

4) Sometimes, it can contribute to the Corneal Infections and Ulcers

5) The Contact lens can trap the Objects under them

6) The Soft Contact lenses can Dry out in the Winds and Dry areas

7) We cannot Sleep with them as it will dry up

8) For the People with Dry eyes it is more uncomfortable to wear it

9) The Contact lenses are allergic to the Some Solvents

10) Proper Care should be taken for lens , a little Practice to be needed for inserting the Contact lens

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